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Colorado has a long and storied reputation as a special place, dedicated to providing men and women with the freedom and opportunity to flourish in one of America’s most remarkable places.

The Citizens’ Tax Cut is the solution Colorado taxpayers have been seeking from state leaders. It is balanced and fair by cutting and capping local taxes while protecting our vital local services. My prediction is that it will win a big victory in November. Read more by Steve Peck: Citizens’ Tax Cut is solution to Colorado crisis - Douglas County News Press 

"Empowering parents with the ability to choose their children's schools fosters innovation and accountability in education." Discover more insights in our latest report, "Protecting Educational Freedom," and see how school choice can support Colorado's education system. #copolitics

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"School choice offers families the ability to select the best educational environment for their children, leading to higher satisfaction and better outcomes." Learn more about the benefits of school choice in our latest report, "Protecting Educational Freedom." #copolitics

Read the full report:
ICYMI: Dan Haley joined the Advance Colorado Rundown to talk about the future of Colorado's energy economy. #copolitics

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Colorado values are under assault.

Colorado has become a testing ground for some of the most liberal plans and proposals in the nation.  

The result? Our state’s taxes are too high. It is too hard to start and sustain a business and create jobs. Government seeks to operate in secret, ducking needed transparency. Crime is soaring. Our schools are not performing up to par, students are falling behind, and parents feel shut out.  

Advance Colorado is dedicated to restoring Colorado to the vibrant place it has been – and can be again.

We educate Coloradans about bold, innovative and sustainable ideas. Our common sense agenda includes:

  • Limiting the size and scope of government
  • Lowering Coloradans’ tax burden
  • Fostering free enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Promoting fiscal responsibility and transparency
  • Making our communities safer
  • Passionate public policy advocacy for mental health resources
  • Creating a world-class education system powered by choice, accountability and parental involvement

Standing Up for A Better Colorado

Make no mistake: changing Colorado is a fight, and it takes leaders willing to step into the arena.  

Advance Colorado advocates for innovative ideas at the State Capitol, in local communities and in the media.   We empower voters to enact the change they want at the ballot box through the initiative process. And when necessary, we are ready to go to court to force the government to abide by its own laws.

Creating Change in Colorado

Great ideas need leaders to put those ideas into action. 

At Advance Colorado we train and equip emerging leaders who are committed to the hard work of reversing Colorado’s left turn. From neighborhoods to city councils to school boards to the State Legislature,  Advance Colorado’s new leaders are creating significant and lasting reform – and earning support across the political spectrum. 

Are you ready to join the fight?  


Property Taxes



TABOR and Taxes

Public Safety

Mental Health

Transparency and Accountability

Research & Reports


Achieving conservative policy change in Colorado demands dedicated leaders who possess both the passion to participate in the struggle and the practical skills to excel in the public arena. Whether Coloradans aim to run for office, lead as a CEO, serve on boards and commissions, launch a new business, or emerge as community leaders, we believe that those who are best prepared will achieve the most impactful outcomes.

"I am proud to be an alum of the Advance Colorado New Leader Program. The networking opportunities and training from experts at the local, state, and national levels were invaluable to me as I was charting my leadership course within the city of Aurora."



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Colorado is a special place with special people. For too long, leaders have stood by while liberal special interest groups and politicians have turned Colorado into a testing ground for some of the most liberal policies and plans in the nation.

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