Advance Colorado Rundown

The Advance Colorado Rundown: Colorado’s conservative podcast providing insight and thought provoking discussions on Colorado’s most critical policy issues. Join Advance Colorado Institute President, Michael Fields, as he dives into issues each week that are important to Colorado voters.
April 2024

Protecting Colorado's Energy Future - Advance Colorado Rundown

Wed, 17 Apr 2024 13:16

PROTECTING COLORADO'S ENERGY FUTURE -- Kristi Pollard, Executive Director of the Colorado Strong Business Alliance is joined by Dan Haley, President and CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) to discuss legislative efforts that threaten the future of Colorado's energy economy -- and how the industry fought back to save thousands of quality jobs. 

Colorado Oil & Gas Association - https://www.coga.org/

WHY CHARTER SCHOOLS MATTER - Advance Colorado Rundown - Apr 10, 2024

Thu, 11 Apr 2024 19:19

WHY CHARTER SCHOOLS MATTER --  Kristi Pollard, Executive Director of the Colorado Strong Business Alliance talks with prominent Colorado education reformer Yazmin Navarro on legislative threats to school choice including charter public schools. 

Advance Colorado Rundown - April 1, 2024

Mon, 1 Apr 2024 18:03

On location at the State Capitol, Kristi Pollard, Executive Director of Colorado Strong Business Alliance speaks with Sen. Byron Pelton (R-1) about troublesome legislation that would remove local land use control over the siting of renewable energy projects.   This overreach threatens to eliminate the input from local citizens, and protections provided to neighbors of these proposed projects -- including farms and ranches. 

March 2024

Advance Colorado Rundown - Mar 18, 2024

Mon, 18 Mar 2024 17:42

Kristi Burton Brown welcomes Jim Manley, State Legal Policy Deputy Director at Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) to discuss the problem of home equity theft.   PLF has been working on ending home equity theft for 10 years and won the unanimous SCOTUS decision striking it down last summer. Jim has been working with Colorado legislators this session on a bill to remove home equity theft from our laws.

Advance Colorado Rundown - Mar 13, 2024

Thu, 14 Mar 2024 23:33

Join Kristi Pollard with the Colorado Strong Business Alliance and Ted Leighty, President and CEO for the Colorado Homebuilders Association, as they discuss SB 24-106 which will help to reform the challenges with construction liability litigation and allow for more affordable housing to be built in Colorado. Learn more about why the construction of condos in Colorado has virtually halted due to frivolous lawsuits and contractors’ liability insurance spiking and what role you can play in helping to solve Colorado’s affordable housing crisis.

February 2024

Advance Colorado Rundown - Feb 19, 2024

Mon, 19 Feb 2024 14:00

Advance Colorado Executive Vice President Kristi Burton Brown talks school the latest in school safety with Tim Kistler, former Superintendent of the Peyton School District. 

Advance Colorado Rundown - Feb 12, 2024

Tue, 13 Feb 2024 21:58

Advance Colorado President Michael FIelds and Executive Vice President Kristi Burton Brown sit down with Sean Duffy to discuss the Advance Colorado 2024 Policy Agenda.  

January 2024

Advance Colorado Rundown - Dec 20, 2023

Fri, 19 Jan 2024 12:50

Advance Colorado vice-president Sean Duffy sits down with George Brauchler to discuss the Colorado Free Enterprise report recently released by Common Sense Institute - specifically the area relating to public safety.

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November 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Nov 16, 2023

Thu, 16 Nov 2023 23:40

Join Kristi Burton Brown and Rep. Rose Pugliese as they preview the upcoming legislative special session after the epic defeat of Prop HH. 

October 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Oct 17, 2023

Tue, 17 Oct 2023 19:17

Join Kristi Burton Brown and Dr. Corey DeAngelis as they discuss the importance of school choice and ways parents can get more involved in their student's education.

Advance Colorado Rundown - Oct 12, 2023

Thu, 12 Oct 2023 20:14

Kristi Burton Brown, Senior Policy Advisor for Advance Colorado, joins Michael to discuss why Coloradans should vote against Proposition HH this year.

September 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Sept. 11, 2023

Mon, 11 Sep 2023 20:41

Ted Leighty with the Colorado Association of Home Builders joins Michael to discuss the Governor's recent executive order on housing after SB 213 failed to pass last legislative session.

August 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Aug 11, 2023

Fri, 11 Aug 2023 21:28

"Glenn Farley and Chris Brown with the Common Sense Institute talk with Michael about their study comparing Colorado's and Arizona's business policies." 

Advance Colorado Rundown - Aug 7, 2023

Mon, 7 Aug 2023 14:01

Join Kristi Burton Brown and Pueblo City Councilwoman Regina Maestri as they discuss the importance of local control and local solutions.

July 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Jul 31, 2023

Mon, 31 Jul 2023 20:18

Join Kristi Burton Brown and special guest Congresswoman Boebert as they discuss what is happening in Congress and bills that affect Coloradans.

June 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Jun 15, 2023

Thu, 15 Jun 2023 15:10

Join Kristi Burton Brown and guest Ken Witt, Superintendent for the Woodland Park School District, as they discuss school choice and the importance of parental involvement in our schools.

May 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - May 19, 2023

Mon, 22 May 2023 14:13

State Senator Barb Kirkmeyer joins Michael to discuss the 2023 legislative session. They talk about property taxes, zoning, and education.

April 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Apr 27, 2023

Thu, 27 Apr 2023 19:55

Congressman Ken Buck joins Michael and Kristi Burton Brown to talk about his book Crushed: Big Tech's War on Free Speech

Advance Colorado Rundown - Apr 6, 2023

Fri, 7 Apr 2023 23:45

Matt Mauro, FOX31 Denver anchor and host of the weekly political show Point of View, joins Michael to talk about covering politics in Colorado.

March 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Mar 26, 2023

Sun, 26 Mar 2023 21:06

John Fabbricatore, the former Denver Field Office Director for ICE, joins Michael to talk about the border, immigration, and the drug crisis in Colorado.

Advance Colorado Rundown - Mar 9, 2023

Thu, 9 Mar 2023 16:21

Dan Rubinstein, the District Attorney for the 21st Judicial District, joins Michael to talk about crime in Colorado and his work on the CCJJ’s Sentencing Reform Task Force.

February 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Feb 7, 2023

Tue, 7 Feb 2023 20:28

Jason Gaulden, Education Fellow with the Common Sense Institute, joins Michael to discuss their new study on improving Colorado's school transportation system.

January 2023

Advance Colorado Rundown - Jan 24, 2023

Tue, 24 Jan 2023 22:12

State Senate Minority Leader Paul Lundeen joins Michael to talk about the priorities that conservative legislators will have during the 2023 legislative session.

Advance Colorado Rundown - Jan 20, 2023

Fri, 20 Jan 2023 17:52

Jonathan Finer with Ready Colorado joins Michael to talk about the education landscape in Colorado

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