Learn More About Property Taxes

Coloradans are facing the largest property tax increase in state history, with some areas of the state experiencing tax hikes of 30 percent or higher. The Governor and Legislature could have meaningfully addressed this crisis in 2023 — or the current session — but instead offered the tax-increasing, TABOR-refund-killing Proposition HH, which was defeated in a landslide in November. For many Coloradans, a double-digit property tax increase is an unsustainable hit to the family budget.


It’s simple: Taxes shouldn’t increase more than our wages do. And when the legislature fails to act, the people can solve the problem through ballot initiatives. We’re offering this opportunity through the Colorado Tax Rollback.

Initiative #50

This constitutional measure is already approved for the 2024 ballot. It will permanently cap increases in statewide property tax at 4% annually unless voters allow the government to keep more. It’s basically TABOR for property taxes.



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Property Tax Rollback Measure

This measure is in process at the Title Board right now and would be a simple property tax rollback to near-2022 levels, erasing most of the current tax increase. It would also require the state government to backfill local districts and would prohibit the state from taking away any K-12 education funding.

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