Ward v. Colorado: Prop HH Challenge

Advance Colorado joined with 12 counties and multiple county commissioners and local elected officials to challenge SB23-303 and Proposition HH. Both the bill and the proposition violate Colorado’s single subject requirement, and Prop HH has a misleading and unclear ballot title. This is unconstitutional. Colorado citizens are facing a $3-4 billion property tax increase in 2024. In response to this increase, the General Assembly waited until the last day of session to pass SB23-303 with Prop HH embedded in the bill. Each of them unconstitutionally “logrolls’” by pairing a politically popular notion (slightly reducing property tax assessment rates) with an unpopular notion (retaining an increasing amount of TABOR refunds – $10 billion over 10 years – and permanently eliminating them shortly thereafter). Advance Colorado sued to ensure that the legislature is held to the same constitutional requirements that citizens are.