School Choice is Under Attack

School Choice is Under Attack in Colorado Right Now


HB24-1363 is an anti-school choice bill run by legislators who have admitted they want to end charter schools in Colorado. This bill is 55 pages of bleeding charter schools dry until they have to close. It’s deceptively called the “Charter Accountability Act,” but, in reality, it would implement unrealistic standards, create bogus reasons to shut down high-performing charter schools, close them out of public buildings, and fail to recognize that charter schools already have higher levels of accountability than neighborhood schools. Thousands of school children across Colorado are on waiting lists to get into charter schools because, in Colorado, people like to make their own choices and have a variety of options available. One size does not fit all. HB 1363 is a bad-intentioned way to attack a successful education option that families want to keep.

Solution: Put the Right to School Choice in the State Constitution

Advance Colorado has a ballot initiative that would cement Colorado’s current pro-school choice laws into our constitution. The right to school choice has been a bipartisan hallmark of Colorado history. Ensuring this popular right is in our constitution would preserve parents’ ability to choose the best educational option for their children for generations to come.


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Must Read: Aurora City Councilmember Speaks Out About Bill Targeting Schools


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