Moving Colorado Forward

Colorado stands at a crossroads, and 2024 is a time for choosing. Our state can continue on its current path which means reduced opportunity for family-sustaining jobs or to start and grow a business. Diminished quality of life as the challenges of crime, homelessness drug abuse and mental health grow. Taxpayers continue to be hit with rising costs as government grows faster than Coloradans’ wages.


Or Colorado can choose a better, broader path that restores our once-vibrant economy that can again be a magnet for high-quality jobs and growing companies. Where communities and schools are safer, parents are empowered, and taxpayers are protected from soaring government spending and higher taxes. Where opportunity is not constrained by layers of needless and costly bureaucracy.


Moving Colorado Forward, the 2024 Advance Colorado Policy Agenda, proposes specific steps to restore Colorado’s reputation as a state that fosters opportunity, prosperity, and the world-class quality of life that our state has been known for.

Media on the Moving Colorado Forward Agenda:


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We’re grateful for your continued support and have big plans for 2023. Help spread the word and stay engaged as we work to return Colorado to the special place we know it to be and love.