Property Taxes

Coloradans are facing the largest property tax increase in state history, with some areas of the state experiencing tax hikes of 30 percent or higher. The Governor and Legislature could have meaningfully addressed this crisis in 2023 — or the current session — but instead offered the tax-increasing, TABOR-refund-killing Proposition HH, which was defeated in a landslide in November. For many Coloradans, a double-digit property tax increase is an unsustainable hit to the family budget.

Protecting Educational Freedom

School choice in Colorado has a decades-long record of popularity among families and educators, opening doors for students to choose schools that better suit their needs backed by bipartisan support at the State Capitol. Despite this, school choice faces an annual barrage of legislative assaults – including an existential threat to charter schools this year. The most effective way to protect school choice in Colorado is to put this basic right into the state Constitution.

Model Local Policies

At a time when Americans’ trust in the federal government is at rock bottom, citizens in Colorado and across the country are increasingly relying on local government to tackle today’s toughest problems, including homelessness, mental health, and crime. With more than two-thirds of Americans expressing faith in the ability of local governments to effectively address difficult challenges, according to a recent Gallup survey, it’s important to examine how Colorado counties and municipalities are winning these battles. At the Advance Colorado Institute, we have taken an in-depth look at best practices and compiled examples of model policies that other local governments can and should enact.


Colorado is becoming less and less affordable. Housing, energy, groceries, and childcare costs are all up. Overall, inflation has increased 9.1% in the Denver Metro area over the previous year. On top of that, legislators raised the gas fee and property taxes last year. Colorado needs thoughtful leaders to address these critical issues.


Colorado must adopt an “all of the above” approach to educational options. Whether parents choose to send their kids to district schools, public charter schools, private schools, or decide to homeschool them, everyone should have access to quality options. Colorado also needs more accountability. Only 58% of education dollars are actually going towards instruction. We must address this now. Our children don’t have the luxury of time.

Income Tax

Amid high inflation and high gas prices, Coloradans want to lower the state income tax. Our state government is seeing record growth, and we need to put more money back into people’s pockets. With inflation well over 8% and far outpacing wage growth, Colorado should continue to make modest cuts to our income tax to remain competitive with other states.

Public Safety

Colorado is in the midst of a crime tsunami. According to a recent study by the Common Sense Institute, crime is 28% higher than it was in 2011. Property crime rates and auto thefts are among the highest in the entire country. And violent crime is at a 25-year high. We must do better!